Float Come Boost Charger

Power saver in lighting system is a necessity if you want to cut down on your soaring industrial electricity bills. Most industries install a lot of lights and if lightning system is utilized correctly, you reduce your electricity bills by a huge margin. An energy saver device is employed for this purpose and it helps to curb your electricity bill. Power saver in lightning system gives lower voltage to all lamps and tubes, which is enough to operate them. Unlike the high voltage discharge used before, these systems lead to less energy consumption. This product is made up of a microprocessor based energy controller, which employs low-loss impedance. This reduces the running current and operates your lamps and tubes at low voltage. Also energy saver handles the abnormal power supply very well. All kinds of spikes, surges in the unstable current are converted into heat energy, which is saved by the capacitors. Therefore more energy is supplied after fluctuations are corrected.

Some Features to note are:

  • Over 95% efficiency
  • Minimum 15% energy saving
  • Can sustain power supply interruptions
  • Optimum Power factor improvement (up to 0.95)
  • No loss of lighting quality

Useful for:

  • Discharge lamps in industries
  • Fluorescent tube lights in factories
  • Mercury vapour, sodium vapour lamps and metal halide lamps
Energy saver products from VS Power are ISO certified. We are an award winning manufacturer, supplier and exporter of power saver in lightning system products.

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