Battery Charger

VS Power very own battery chargers are one of the most sought after industrial power solutions. They are fully automatic devices that provide quality DC power to all your batteries, which in turn empower your machines in times of no or fluctuating power.

They automatically filter the incoming AC input into useful and safe DC output. This helps you run all your devices smoothly also safeguarding battery from spikes and surges that are common with unsafe voltage supply.

Special attention is paid while developing the product as power variations continue to harm our machines. Like our battery chargers come with a soft start feature that automatically controls the inrush current. Therefore, DC voltage is built up softly and kept constant all the time.

A vital product you need for keeping your equipment healthy and efficient always. Also it comes with both float and boost charger configurations, giving you the power to configure it as per your power supply needs.

Some Features to note are:

  • Fully automatic electronic SCR controlled
  • Soft start feature to minimize inrush current to battery when charger is re-energized
  • Dropper diode regulator in load path for specific applications
  • In general, the system conforms to IEC146 and IS-4540 standards
  • Battery path current limiting
  • Output short circuit proof

Useful for:

  • Telecom Power Supply
  • Railway Utilities
  • Switchgear Protection
  • Process Industries
VS Power takes pride being the top manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of battery chargers. Raise an enquiry to know how we can configure it as per your requirements.

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