Constant voltage transformer

Constant voltage transformer is a handy product for regulating output voltage and avoiding any pitfalls in cases like random changes in input voltage or load fluctuations. Most sensitive devices are at risk of getting damaged due to flawed incoming voltages. It is better to opt for a value adding CVT in order to keep your equipment healthy.

A highly reliable product, VS Power’s CVT guarantees efficient constant voltage. Power+ CVT has no moving parts and thus ensures better efficiency. Excellent isolation and minimal response time are other features that make this product top of its class.

Some Features to note are:

  • Short term over load capacity
  • High spike rejection
  • Excellent isolation characteristic
  • Optional output floating
  • No feedback control used
  • Built without any moving parts or semiconductors

Useful for:

  • Computers
  • Data Processing Equipment
  • Telecommunication
  • All sensitive electronic devices
  • Color photography labs
It comes with higher input voltage control range, especially made to use in India where loads are sometimes less than the rated load. The company has won ISO certifications and keeps on improving its products with a sophisticated R&D team. VS Power started developing industrial power solutions in 1998 and it is now one of the top manufacturers and suppliers in India.

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